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Fastening anchors help you secure various equipment and materials to walls, overheads, and floors. Fastening anchors include concrete anchors and drywall anchors. Anchors use various metal and/or plastic devices to mechanically attach or hold in place equipment or fixtures that need a steady foundation. Concrete fasteners can be used in solid or hollow walls and floors in light or heavy implementations. Plastic and plastic/metal fasteners can be used in light applications only such as hanging a picture on the wall.

The most important factor in selecting the right anchor for your task is the type of load it will hold. Fastening anchors are rated for shear and tensile loads. Shear loads exert force parallel to the anchoring surface. Tensile loads exert force perpendicular (intersecting) to the anchoring surface. Selecting an anchor with lower load capacities could cause the fastening anchor to break.

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