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Welding Abrasives

Types of Abrasives
Abrasive Material  
ALUMINUM OXIDE Premium Blue-fired, Friable Aluminum Oxide with active grinding agent. The wedge shape of this tough grain is made for long life and stock removal. The cutting edges work great for grinding and cutting: Ferrous metals, Iron, and Steel.
ZIRCONIA This extremely tough and sharp gain is made for high stock removal. Long life and cool running are characteristics of the high performance grain. Its constant selfsharpening edges work well on: Ferrous metals, Stainless steel, and Other high tensile alloys.
SILICON CARBIDE A very hard and sharp abrasive grain that allows for very fast stock removal and at the same time runs cool. Silicon carbide grains work well with very light pressure. This grain is made towork well on: Stone, concrete, marble and granite. Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, bronze as well as glass.
ZIRCONIA FOR STAINLESS STEEL This special grain was developed for superior work on stainless steel. The mixture of zirconia and aluminum oxide was developed to avoid overheating, glazing and discoloration. It has exceptional stock removal properties For use on: Stainless steel.

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