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Fully Threaded Tap Bolts

Fully Threaded Tap Bolts

Fully Threaded Tap Bolts, also known as Hex Head Tap Bolts, come with a stem that is fully threaded from the base up to the head, and an underhead washer bearing surface. Unlike a tapping screw, tap bolts are designed to be inserted through holes in assembled parts, because these do not have their own mating internal threads and are tightened by torqueing the head. Because of its fully threaded body, this is used in a variety of applications such as in the vehicle repair industry when attaching a motor to a machinery. Also, these can be used with pulley to adjust the belt tension.

The Industrial Depot carries a complete line of high quality Fully Threaded Tap Bolts that are either coarse or fine-threaded, in different lengths and diameters. We currently supply Grade 2 and Grade 5 Tap Bolts. These are made from premium materials to ensure strength and durability for every project you do. If there is a company you can trust for fasteners and hardware shop supplies such as Fully Threaded Tap Bolts, it’s definitely The Industrial Depot.

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