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Grade 2 Hex Cap Screws

Grade 2 Hex Cap Screws

At The Industrial Depot, we offer you two types of Grade 2 Hex Cap Screws, plain and zinc. Hex Cap Screws (also called hex head cap screws, hex bolt, or hex head bolt), features a thick, hexagonal head (thus the name) with chamfered threads and a washer face under the head to provide ample bearing surface when tightened with a wrench. These are used as general-purpose threaded fasteners which are designed for insertion in pre-tapped holes or are used with nuts. The hex cap screws are made of low-carbon steel and are a common choice for many manufacturing companies, construction or repair projects. These come in a variety of lengths and diameters.

This screw comes in different types and grades, including grade 2, 5, 8, L9, etc. Hex head cap screws are threaded, types follow a standard formula ( guide line but not abosulte). For a screw under 6-inch screw, the thread length is twice the basic thread diameter plus ¼ inch. The ones that are longer than 6 inches have a thread length twice the basic thread diameter plus ½ inch. However, manufacturers can thread their products more. In fact, please review our chart for more info.

Grade 2 Hex Cap Screws are commonly made from low carbon steel. You will notice that it’s hexagon head surface is smooth with no markings. Other typical features include:

Nominal Size Range: 1/4 inch through 3/4 inch
Proof Load: 55,000 psi
Minimum Yield Strength: 57,000 psi
Minimum Tensile Strength: 74,000 psi

Nominal Size Range: over 3/4 inch to 1-1/2 inches
Proof Load: 33,000 psi
Minimum Yield Strength: 36,000 psi
Minimum Tensile Strength: 60,000 psi

NOTE: When selecting a nut to be used for a graded hex cap screw, keep in mind that the nut should have the same grade as the bolt/screw. For instance, a Grade 2 Hex Cap Screw should only utilize a Grade 2 hex nut ( Zinc Nut ) and (Plain nut)

US Standard Thread Length for Bolts