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Plastic Nail-In Anchors

Plastic Nail-In Anchors

plastic nail-in anchorsNail Drive Anchors are another type of anchor that is used for concrete, brick or block. This is sometimes referred to as nail-in anchors or nail-in plugs. This is recommended only for lightweight anchoring into hollow wall and solid masonry applications. So, if you have a wall that needs to be adorned with something to add flavor to it and break the bareness, then you can utilize nail drive anchors to hang pictures, artworks and other fixtures that you love. This is, however, not recommended for overhead applications.

Nail drive anchors are simple to use and are very common for several applications be it in residential or commercial settings. It is available in a standard zinc pin or one that is stainless steel. For heavier applications, some come in with wholly metal pin anchor. The application is also very simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Using the proper drill bit to match the size of the anchor, drill at least 1/4th inch deeper than the length of the anchor, then clean the hole.
  2. Insert the nail drive anchor (through the fixture) into the pre-drilled hole while ensuring that the head is seated firmly against the fixture.
  3. Hammer the pin down into the anchor body until it is fully seated. This then expands the alloy body to tighten the anchor and give it a stronger hold.

If you are in need of plastic nail-in anchors for light to medium weight applications, then we've got a lot in store that will surely fit your specifications. When it comes to quality fasteners, hardware and shop supplies, The Industrial Depot is your trusted supply company!

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