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Full Metal Rehab

Full Metal Rehab

June 11 2016

New Online Show

Full Metal Rehab from Full Metal Arts & Entertainment on Vimeo.

The new online show Full Metal Rehab takes recycling metal to the next level; rebuilding, restoring, and reusing metal that other shops deem unworthy. This is where creativity meets ingenuity and scavenger hunt meets build show. With hosts T.C. Carver, Dan'elle Free, and Jeb Greenstone, with guest appearances by Tim Strange.

The Industrial Depot is a proud sponsor of Full Metal Rehab, supplying not only nuts and bolts, but also any fabrication supplies. Metal restoration has always been an interest of The Industrial Depot since 1973. We will be sponsoring and highlighting parts of the show while working with the best Full Metal master fabricators in the industry. We are excited for the first three episodes in the three show set which focuses on a 1960 Chevy Apache rat rod which will serve as the shop truck for Full Metal Rehab which is filmed at T.C.'s Place. 

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