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How To: Inventory Management with Bryan Fuller

How To: Inventory Management with Bryan Fuller

December 15 2015

Here at Fuller Moto we keep with the lean manufacturing concept. We have our cart that has all of our fasteners in it and the cart can be moved to wherever our guys are working. If someone is working in a car he can just reach out, grab the bolt that he needs, and apply it to the car. If you have multiple of these there is another way that lean manufacturing helps because no matter where your workers are, you want to make sure they are close and they have everything they need. Because we work on both cars and bikes we have more of a general cart where you can grab just about anything. Also we have dedicated areas, so we have a bike jig where we are building five frames. So while building those five frames there are dedicated, specialty items that we get from The Industrial Depot that are categorized and listed. If we need them refilled we can scan it, call it in, or email it and there everything is already dedicated. The Industrial Depot can help everything from a custom shop like mine to a large manufacturing facility.The Industrial Depot is great about helping you cater those services and special things that you have. Whatever you need they are there to customize your needs in the hardware department. It is a really handy service that they have. Bottom line is that The Industrial Depot cart helps save time and has everything a guy needs right next to him, and ultimately, it helps save my business money. 

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