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JET Grinders & Belt Sanders

JET Grinders & Belt Sanders

March 11 2020

The new JET Grinder and Belt Sander is a must have piece of machinery for every metal working shop. With unparalleled performance and power, the grinder and belt sander combo are guaranteed to increase your shop’s output. Designed with industrial strength, sealed bearings, and a close one horse-power motor, JET’s family of grinders and belt sanders are ready for demanding usage. These machines come with standard or variable speeds with different sizes of belts and grinders to specifically meet your needs. The electric motor break stops from 3600 RPMs to zero in only twenty seconds to ensure your safety. Large eye safety shields and standard two-inch round dust ports also provides a safety working environment to anyone around. With so many production controls and safety features, the new JET Grinder and Belt Sander will always have you standing behind your work.

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