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JET Masters: StanCraft

JET Masters: StanCraft

July 27 2019

StanCraft began back in 1933 in Lakeside, Montana. It was there that the Young family started to produce the next level of wooden boats, creating some of the most iconic designs in boating history, and forever raising the expectation levels of what driving a wood boat meant.

The business was kept in the family when it was passed down to Sydney H. Young and his wife Juliette in 1968. Sydney moved the direction of the company to doing a lot of fiberglass boats, as the world entered the age of fiberglass. As the wooden boat movement started, the company worked on countless restorations and service jobs to get customers’ old boats back on the water. StanCraft also produced their own custom boats several times a year, which continued the path of custom innovation and performance.

 The business took off when current owners Robert and Amy Bloem moved back to Idaho to revamp the family business. StanCraft was still a very humble company, working with 3 people and 2,000 square feet of space. After a year in, the business just continued to grow rapidly, and StanCraft moved to a bigger location and continued to build on after that. Today, StanCraft has over 45,000 square feet of manufacturing and 136,000 square feet of storage. With over sixty employees and many different options and boat designs, StanCraft is sure to remain an established name in the boating world for years to come. For their unparalleled craftsmanship and style, we are proud to name StanCraft as part of the JET Masters.

JET is proud to highlight craftsmen and artisans from across the country in order to showcase their mastery in wood and metal through the series JET Masters. JET Masters is a bimonthly web series focusing on the amazing stories from talented craftsmen and organizations from a broad range of industries.

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